Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) Emphasis

The Departments of Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mathematics, and Mechanical and Environmental Engineering, and Geology offer an interdisciplinary Master’s and Ph.D. degree emphasis in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE).

Although CSE includes elements from computer science, applied mathematics, engineering and science, it focuses on the integration of knowledge and methodologies from all of these disciplines and, as such, is a subject distinct from any of them.

All students pursuing an emphasis in CSE must complete the following:

  • Numerical Methods: Math 206A-B-C-D (Students must complete at least three).
  • Parallel Computing: Computer Science 240A-B (students must take at least one)
  • Applied Mathematics: Students must take a two course sequence from either the Mathematics 243A-B or the Mathematics 246A-B sequence. The specific requirements for the M.A. in Mathematics (thesis option only) with the CSE emphasis are as follows:
  • The completion of the above requirements for an M.A. in mathematics.
  • A Master’s thesis in CSE. Students pursuing a Ph.D. with an emphasis in CSE must:
  • Complete the above requirements for a Ph.D. in mathematics
  • Write and defend a dissertation in CSE.