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Time: Monday, May 15, 2:00 pm

Title: Towards an Atomistic Theory of Heat

Location: South Hall 6635

At the macroscopic scales it intuitively makes sense to talk about the temperature at a point, but when one zooms into the scale of individual atoms, the definition of local temperature breaks down. In this talk I will discuss my research in collaboration of Carlos and Xiantao Li at Penn State where we attempt to define and model temperature at the atomistic level.

  1. seminar
  2. student
  3. temperature

Time: Thursday, April 13, 3:30 - 4:30 PM

Location: Souith Hall 6635

Title: Modeling Populations of Adaptive Individuals

"...How do we model a population of individuals that all make tradeoff decisions, when the options and payoffs available to each individual depends on the behavior of all the other individuals? We have explored one solution, which is to model individual decisions as approximations, based explicitly on simple predictions, that produce good but not optimal behavior and are updated routinely as the world changes."

  1. colloquium
  2. ecology
  3. population dynamics

April 22nd -- A day full of fun activities for female high-school students.

The UCSB AWM (Association of Women in Math) student chapter is organizing a full day of activities for female high-school students in the Ventura-Santa Barbara-Santa Maria area. The activities will include a panel with UCSB undergraduate and graduate students in different STEM areas, a talk by a female mathematician, fun seminars led by female scientists, a problem solving competition, lunch at the lagoon, and more.

  1. AWM
  2. STEM
  3. high school
  4. women's outreach

Colloquia, Conferences, and Seminars