POWERS 2017: Problem Solving for Women to Encourage Research in STEM

April 22

The UCSB AWM (Association of Women in Math) student chapter is organizing a full day of activities for female high-school students in the Ventura-Santa Barbara-Santa Maria area. The activities will include a panel with UCSB undergraduate and graduate students in different STEM areas, a talk by a female mathematician, fun seminars led by female scientists, a problem solving competition, lunch at the lagoon, and more.

If you would like to participate in the problem solving competition, find at least one more student in your school who would like to compete with you. This will be a competition by teams !

This event is free. In order to participate just fill out the online form. There are only 50 spots available!

For more information, contact mbueno@math.ucsb.edu.


April 22nd, Old Little Theatre

9:30 am Check-in
9:45 am Opening by Dean Kathy Foltz
10:00 am Math competition by groups
11:15 am Math Talk: Sherilyn Tamagawa - Mathematical Braids
Abstract: Math research doesn't always contain a lot of numbers. I'm going to tell you about something I like to study which involves very few numbers: mathematical braids.  (Yes, they look similar to braids of rope!)  I'll describe what they are, and some things we can do with them.
12:15 pm Lunch at the lagoon
1:30 pm

Workshop 1: "Can one hear the shape of a drum?". Instructor: Prof. Sathya Guruswamy.

Workshop 2: "A sneak peek into topology". Instructor: Carmen Galaz-Garcia, graduate student.

2:30 pm Panel with math, physics, and computer science undergrad and graduate students
3:45 pm Certificates and prizes

To register, fill out the online form.

For more information, contact mbueno@ucsb.edu


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  • women's outreach