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2011-12   ArXiv.Abstract Repulsive behavior in an exceptional family
Jeffrey Stopple
2011-11   ArXiv.Abstract Generating the genus g+1 Goeritz group of a genus g handlebody
Martin Scharlemann
2011-10   ArXiv.Abstract Matter and singularities
David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor
2011-09   ArXiv.Abstract Tate's algorithm and F-theory
Sheldon Katz, David R. Morrison, Sakura Schäfer-Nameki, James Sully
2011-08   ArXiv.Abstract Anomalies and the Euler characteristic of elliptic Calabi-Yau threefolds
Antonella Grassi, David R. Morrison
2011-07   ArXiv.Abstract On Potential Function of Gradient Steady Ricci Solitons
Peng Wu
2011-06   ArXiv.Abstract The FRT-Construction via Quantum Affine Algebras and Smash Products
Garrett Johnson, Chris Nowlin
2011-05   ArXiv.Abstract Geometric Semigroup Theory
Jon McCammond, John Rhodes, Benjamin Steinberg
2011-04   ArXiv.Abstract Strata of prime ideals of De Concini-Kac-Procesi algebras and Poisson geometry
Milen Yakimov
2011-03   ArXiv.Abstract Fibered knots and potential counterexamples to the Property 2R and Slice-Ribbon Conjectures
Robert E. Gompf, Martin Scharlemann, Abigail Thompson
2011-02   ArXiv.Abstract C*-algebras of separated graphs
P. Ara, K. R. Goodearl
2011-01   ArXiv.Abstract The Non-Linear Schrödinger Equation with a periodic {\bf{$\delta$}}--interaction
Jaime Angulo, Gustavo Ponce


2010-29   ArXiv.Abstract Bumpy Riemannian metrics and closed parametrized minimal surfaces in Riemannian manifolds
John Douglas Moore
2010-28   ArXiv.Abstract A study of the entanglement in systems with periodic boundary conditions
E. Panagiotou, C. Tzoumanekas, S. Lambropoulou, K. C. Millett, D. N. Theodorou
2010-27   ArXiv.Abstract Borcea's variance conjectures on the critical points of polynomials
Dmitry Khavinson, Rajesh Pereira, Mihai Putinar, Edward B. Saff, Serguei Shimorin
2010-26   ArXiv.Abstract On the persistence properties of solutions of nonlinear dispersive equations in weighted Sobolev spaces
Joules Nahas, Gustavo Ponce
2010-25   ArXiv.Abstract Unique Continuation for Schrödinger Evolutions, with applications to profiles of concentration and traveling waves
L. Escauriaza, C. E. Kenig, G. Ponce, L. Vega
2010-24   ArXiv.Abstract Stochastic Eulerian Lagrangian Methods for Fluid-Structure Interactions with Thermal Fluctuations
Paul J. Atzberger
2010-23   ArXiv.Abstract Bounding reflection length in an affine Coxeter group
Jon McCammond, T. Kyle Petersen
2010-22   ArXiv.Abstract Primitive ideals in quantum SL(3) and GL(3)
K R Goodearl, T H Lenagan
2010-21   ArXiv.Abstract A Brezis-Browder theorem for SSDB spaces
Stephen Simons
2010-20   ArXiv.Abstract The Kadison-Singer problem for the direct sum of matrix algebras
Charles Akemann (UCSB), Joel Anderson (PennState) and Betul Tanbay (Bogazici)
2010-19   ArXiv.Abstract Global aspects of the space of 6D N = 1 supergravities
Vijay Kumar, David R. Morrison, Washington Taylor
2010-18   ArXiv.Abstract Vortex Counting and Lagrangian 3-manifolds
Tudor Dimofte, Sergei Gukov, Lotte Hollands
2010-17   ArXiv.Abstract Convexity criteria and uniqueness of absolutely minimizing functions
Scott N. Armstrong, Michael G. Crandall, Vesa Julin, Charles K. Smart
2010-16   ArXiv.Abstract The Problem of Two Sticks
Luis A. Caffarelli, Michael G. Crandall
2010-15   ArXiv.Abstract The Hardy Uncertainty Principle Revisited
M. Cowling, L. Escauriaza, C. E. Kenig, G. Ponce, L. Vega
2010-14   ArXiv.Abstract Quivers from Matrix Factorizations
Paul S. Aspinwall, David R. Morrison
2010-13   ArXiv.Abstract The IVP for the Benjamin-Ono equation in weighted Sobolev spaces
German Fonseca and Gustavo Ponce
2010-12   ArXiv.Abstract Leavitt path algebras of separated graphs
P. Ara and K. R. Goodearl
2010-11   ArXiv.Abstract On translation invariant symmetric polynomials and Haldane's conjecture
Jesse Liptrap
2010-10   ArXiv.Abstract Generalized Tambara-Yamagami categories
Jesse Liptrap
2010-09   ArXiv.Abstract Geometries, non-geometries, and fluxes
Jock McOrist, David R. Morrison, Savdeep Sethi
2010-08   Acrobat Physical Knot Theory: An Introduction to the Study of the Influence of Knotting on the Spatial Characteristics of Polymers
Kenneth C. Millett
2010-07   ArXiv.Abstract Quantum Field Theory and the Volume Conjecture
Tudor Dimofte, Sergei Gukov
2010-06   ArXiv.Abstract Spatially Adaptive Stochastic Multigrid Methods for Fluid-Structure Systems with Thermal Fluctuations
Paul J. Atzberger
2010-05   Acrobat Analysis of Selection Approaches for Aptamer Molecular Libraries
Joe F. Rudzinski, Hyongsok T. Soh, Paul J. Atzberger
2010-04   Acrobat Stochastic reduction method for biological chemical kinetics using time-scale separation
Chetan D. Pahlajani, Mustafa Khammash, and Paul J. Atzberger
2010-03   ArXiv.Abstract Berge's distance 3 pairs of genus 2 Heegaard splittings
Martin Scharlemann
2010-02   ArXiv.Abstract On the structure of supersymmetric T3 fibrations
David R. Morrison
2010-01   ArXiv.Abstract SSDB spaces and maximal monotonicity
Stephen Simons

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