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Welcome to the UC Santa Barbara Mathematics Department electronically downloadable preprint series, which features preprints authored by regular and visiting faculty, emeriti, postdocs, and graduate students.

Final published versions can best be located via MathSciNet (subscription required).

Department members can submit preprints by emailing an arXiv number or a pdf file to drm at

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2016-14   ArXiv.Abstract Properties of solutions to the Camass-Holm equation on the line in a class containing the peaks
Felipe Linares, Gustavo Ponce, Thomas C. Sideris
2016-13   ArXiv.Abstract Gromov-Witten invariants and localization
David R. Morrison
2016-12   ArXiv.Abstract Tall sections from non-minimal transformations
David R. Morrison and Daniel S. Park
2016-11   ArXiv.Abstract Normalizers and centralizers of cyclic subgroups generated by lone axis fully irreducible outer automorphisms
2016-10   ArXiv.Abstract Sharp Fundamental Gap Estimate on Convex Domains of Sphere
Shoo Seto, Lili Wang, Guofang Wei
2016-09   ArXiv.Abstract Non-affine Hopf algebra domains of Gelfand-Kirillov dimension two
K.R. Goodearl and J.J. Zhang
2016-08   ArXiv.Abstract On the universal cover and the fundamental group of an $RCD^*(K,N)$-space
Andrea Mondino, Guofang Wei
2016-07   ArXiv.Abstract Local Sobolev Constant Estimate for Integral Ricci Curvature Bounds
Xianzhe Dai, Guofang Wei, Zhenlei Zhang
2016-06   ArXiv.Abstract F-theory and Unpaired Tensors in 6D SCFTs and LSTs
David R. Morrison and Tom Rudelius
2016-05   ArXiv.Abstract F-Theory and N=1 SCFTs in Four Dimensions
David R. Morrison and Cumrun Vafa
2016-04   ArXiv.Abstract An ergodic algorithm for generating knots with a prescribed injectivity radius
Kyle Chapman
2016-03   ArXiv.Abstract Congested aggregation via Newtonian interaction
Katy Craig, Inwon Kim, Yao Yao
2016-02   ArXiv.Abstract SU(N) transitions in M-theory on Calabi-Yau fourfolds and background fluxes
Hans Jockers, Sheldon Katz, David R. Morrison, M. Ronen Plesser
2016-01   ArXiv.Abstract A Decomposition of Parking Functions by Undesired Spaces
Melody Bruce, Michael Dougherty, Max Hlavacek, Ryo Kudo, Ian Nicolas

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