Advanced Placement Credit

A student may receive credit for specific UCSB mathematics courses by taking the CEEB Advanced Placement Examination during high school.

AB Test and AB subscore:

Score of 1= No unit credit; must take CPT to determine placement
Score of 2= No unit credit; placement into Math 3A without taking CPT
Score of 3, 4, or 5 = 4 units of credit applied to Math 3A; placement into Math 3B

BC Test:

Score of 1= No unit credit; must take CPT to determine placement
Score of 2= No unit credit; placement into Math 3A without taking CPT
Score of 3,4 or 5= 8 units of credit applied to Math 3AB; indicates placement into Math 4A

Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

Please note: The CPT is not Required for students who intend to take Math 34A* (see note below).
This 90-minute exam is for students intending to take the math 3 series (please see list below for majors that require this series). The CPT tests a student's knowledge of those parts of algebra and trigonometry that are essential for calculus. There is no fee for this exam and pre-registration is not required. You will need to supply your UCSB perm number. Listed below are the minimum scores required for enrolling in calculus and pre-calculus (Math 15) and calculus (Math 3A) courses at UCSB:

Math 15 A minimum score of 22 on the CPT is required. This is a one-quarter course covering algebra and trigonometry.

Math 3A A minimum score of 32 is on the CPT is required. This is the first in a three-course sequence that is a pre-requisite for more advanced lower division and upper division mathematics courses.

The Calculus Placement Test is now online!
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Results on the CPT exam are substantially improved by reviewing Algebra and trigonometry.
Precalculus Review Topics [PDF] .

*What is the difference between the Calculus 3 series and the 34 series? Math 34AB is a terminal series designed for students whose majors require a basic understanding of calculus and its applications in the social and biological sciences. Math 3AB is for students in the physical sciences and engineering, or for those who wish to study calculus beyond the first year. It is followed by Math 3C and Math 5ABC.

Majors that require the Math 3 series
Majors that accept the 34 series
College of Letters and Science
College of Letters and Science
BS BioChemistry-Molecular Biology
BA Chemistry
BS BioChemistry
BS Chemistry
Cooperative Program in Chem &Chem Engr
B.A. Computer Science (L&S)
BA Economics/Mathematics
BS Environmental Studies
BS Financial Mathematics and Statistics
BS Hydrologic Sciences (E.S. Major)
BS Physical Geography
BA Geological Sciences
BS Geological Sciences
BS Geological Sciences-Earth Systems
BS Geophysics
BA Mathematics
BS Mathematics
BS Mathematical Sciences
BS Physics
BA Physics
BA Statistical Sciences
BS Statistical Sciences
BS Aquatic Biology
BA Biological Sciences
BS Biological Sciences
BS Cell and Developmental Bio.
BS Ecology and Evolution
BA Economics/Accounting
BA Economics
BS Microbiology
BS Pharmacology
BS Physiology
BS Zoology
BA Environmental Studies
BS Geological Sciences- Paleobio
BA Geological Sciences-Sci Ed Emph
BA Psychology
BS BioPsychology
College of Engineering
BS Chemical Engineering
BS Computer Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Electrical Engr.
BS Mechanical Engr.
College of Creative Studies
Math and Science Programs