Stephen Bigelow

[c64 picture of me]

In Spring 2016 I taught Math 232B and Math 8 (see Gauchospace, or this directory,).

My research is in topology, especially "diagrammatic algebra". You can find my papers on the arxiv, and can look at my cv and other job related things.

I have a pgp public key, so you can send me an encrypted message if you want, but it's mostly just for the nerd-cred.

Ancient history

Here is a syllabus for Math 4A that I taught in Fall 2014. (People still ask me for a copy sometimes.)

In Winter 2016 I taught Algebraic Topology – Math 232A, and gave a talk at a conference in Iowa.

Once upon a time I wrote a c program to search for an element of the kernel of Burau4 — it is poorly commented and not maintained. I also once wrote a description of braid groups for non-experts.


I live in Santa Barbara with Morgan, Romeo, and Zoë. I like to make little toy web apps, for example: a clock, a text adventure game, and a minimalist message board.

Here is a picture of strawberries.

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